Research on Art Perception


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People have been creating and viewing art since paintings were on the walls of caves. But only recently, with advances in technology, have we been able to examine the viewing experience beyond the purely subjective. What actually happens when a person views art? What happens physiologically and emotionally, how can these responses be measured?

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In the Mirror

Digital technology was used in the In the Mirror of the Wonder of Luca Giordano project to reproduce the entire ceiling of the Luca Giordano Gallery on the floor beneath it, bringing people into direct sensory contact with this monumental work of art.  

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The award winning Chamera di Percezione (Perception Room) project with Rafael’s Madonna of the Goldfinch sought to amplify perception by triggering an enhanced experiential relationship between viewer and artwork. This video is how the Italian National television network RAI 3 presented our project.  More projects →