Ten years ago Giovanni Valeri Manera and Perla Gianni Falvo met. Their common passion for art and how humans interact with it led to discussions and a shared vision on the need to review the museum experience.


Perla Gianni Falvo

Gianni Falvo’s focus on the psycho-social impact in the perception of environment has illuminated all her work, from designing TV sets to designing museum exhibitions. Her interdisciplinary approach to the mysterious relationship between human beings and their art, essential and eternal, is the driving theme behind her pioneering projects.


Giovanni Valeri Manera

Valeri Manera brings to the table the knowledge and experience gained from a distinguished career in finance as well as a profound love of and familiarity with the fine arts. Over the years his growing interest in human sciences and perception led him to question the effectiveness of the traditional ways exhibitions have been organized and visual arts have been presented to the public.